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Service Payment Options for Emergency Vet Clinic in Post Falls, Idaho

Emergency Pet Care accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, and CareCredit™. Payment is always due at the time of service.

Due to the nature of emergency work, good intentions are not enough to ensure proper payment. Nobody plans on their pet becoming sick or injured, but it is a common scenario with pet ownership. Depending on the illness, costs can be challenging to meet, and occasionally ongoing.

One may think they will have the funds later, but what if later the pet requires even more care, such as a specialist service? Or, what if the financial situation of the owner changes, and promised funds are no longer available? People mean well, but in order to keep costs to a minimum, payment has to be made promptly.

Don’t count on the person or persons with a pet that caused injury to your pet to pick up your bill. The person presenting the pet to Emergency Pet Care is responsible for payment. The other party can reimburse you for the cost of treatment, or come to the emergency clinic with you to sign for financial responsibility of the pet.

Also, if you find an injured pet, and present it to the emergency clinic, you accept financial responsibility for that pet. We ensure that every attempt to find the owner will be made, but ultimately the person presenting the pet is obligated to pay for medical care. For clarity in these matters, please consult with your local Law Enforcement Agency or an Animal Control Officer. Emergency Pet Care will not debate financial obligation. We have programs and financing options available for your convenience.

There are pet insurance programs available, however (just like with human insurance) they must be in place prior to an illness. Pets are considered private property in the state of Idaho, and therefore no state funds are available for care of injured or sick animals. Financial responsibility is always with the owner.

CareCredit™ is a financing option to help you pay for your pet’s treatment or procedures. It is based on the initial credit application and prior credit history. Find out if you are approved for CareCredit for vet services.

Emergency Pet Care has made a commitment to end animal suffering. When your pet is suffering, and you cannot afford treatment, the best alternative is euthanasia. Present your pet to Emergency Pet Care for a courtesy euthanasia. You will not be billed for the service. Should you wish to cremate or bury your pet, it will be your responsibility. Please do not abuse this courtesy. Schedule elective euthanasia with your regular veterinarian. We reserve the right to refuse service to anybody.
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